Sunday, 8 February 2009

NARSthing i can do about it....

Hey MAC... hey NARS.... im coming to get you
Hey MAC... hey NARS.... im coming to get you - by Magpieburns on

So ive been watching a few youtube videos and i have come to the decision that i will (yes i will...) be making some M.A.C and NARS purchases next Friday.

Im cant help myself. Its like im obsessed and i must have something from either or both stores.
I will post my haul when im done..

Friday, 6 February 2009

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hey its been a while..

Havent posted for nearly a month.
So ive been obsessed with youtube and haul videos and i finally uploaded my 1st couple of videos.
Ive been taking it easy since i went back to work after my DIY injury.
I havent really been out anywhere or made any purchases.
I did go to a wedding dress shop with 4 of my 6 bridesmaids and we had a great time.
My Aaron's mum shed a tear and i was fine until the assistance added a veil on my head. I cried buckets as i didnt think i would ever be getting married let alone to someone as wonderful as Aaron.
I more or less know the style of the dress i am going to choose and i was trying really hard not to want to buy the 1st couple i tried on. I have an appointment at a dress shop in Manchester next saturday and 2 of my bridesmaids are hopefully coming with me. If i see my dream dress (again!) then i think i might go for it.

Only 234 days to go till the big day.

Oooh and i kind of felt weird watching myself on you tube. I was really nervous.
Didnt realise i was looking a bit chubby so i think my you tube channel may become a wedding/weight loss log also.
I havent really got any purchases planned for payday yet. Dont know if the 2 weeks off work has kind of made me feel a bit down but i definately need my za za zooom back.
Its Aarons sisters birthday today (happy birthday Lady Victoria) so we may be going out for drinkies later. It will be a chance to get dressed up and use my new DKNY clutch i got for myself on my birthday from eBay.

I placed a juicy tube next to it for size comparison
Next time i post i will be more positive.
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