Monday, 2 January 2012


Hello again.
I got snap happy this afternoon and just now. Ive also had a bit of a room change around.

PLEASE IGNORE THE FLOOR on some of the pics!
Im getting laminated and it just looks poop atm.
I thought i would show you a few bit of things ive picked up recently.
And some pics of things i love.

2012, Well hello there.

Hello lovelies, long time huh?
Im laughing as i type this as my best Girl is chasing the cursor on the screen =^.^=. meow.

oh and my iphone is being a complete %£^%&%^*!!!!! so i may need to upgrade to 4s.

I had a lazy start to the new year yesterday . I didnt get to bo bo's till around 2am early hours Sunday morning so i didnt surface till around 12pm later that day.

The thought of a weekend lie in's is dreamy but the reality is too much sleep makes me feel belugh for the rest of the day.
Well anyhoo im not officially back on Slimming world till tuesday. Oh thats right i havent posted about it have i?
Well short version is: Discovered Slimming World, dropped 18lbs in 4 weeks. My workplace gave the whole company permission to eat at our desk's, i thought "hmm Xmas is near i shall enjoy the festive season with food" . Piled the 18lbs back on again :(
So yeah thats that.

I spent yesterday watching The Rachel Zoe Project season 4 and the final episodes of Gossip Girl season 4 ready for Season 5. I know its already aired but i have been mega busy lately and havent had time to watch it.

I have also decided to sell my Nikon D3100. Im almost 100% i shall replace it with the D7000 but may opt for the step up of D5100.

Well other than eating and working and doing photography shoots thats pretty much me up to speed on my life since my last post.

Here are a few pics that i wanted to share.
And i am going to try and post at least 4 - 5 times a week. New Year and all i feel like if i dont at least take pictures then i should at least try and post some pretties.
I cant wait to get back into shoppimng and showing you all my nw pretties.

Thanks for coming back and reading
Take Care

Coleen. My queen and idol. source: Google

Chris and Terri, my friends wedding i photographed

Daisy's christening i photographed

I die over this picture. Currently my screen saver. Miss Portman i salute you. Source: Google

i cant wait to fit into little summer dresses. This blog is lovely to read. Source:
(one of) my fave bloggers atm

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