Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sunny shopping Friday, sunny shopping Saturday

Hello lovelies,

As i write this im having a sickly sweet sugar rush from a Vanilla Whoopie.
Its the 1st time i have tried one and i think probably the last. Very sweet, very filling and now i feel im like a cloud filled up with sugar.

I went on a solitary shopping trip yesterday just for a couple of things down on the high street and today i went full on shop mode with my lovely pal Nicola.

We had our dinner in Nando's. It was Nicola's 1st time in there and she loved it.
I didnt get very much shopping but it felt like we went in every shop. There are lots of nice summery dresses and accessories in the shops at the moment. I dont really want to buy that many new clothes yet just in case i go through with my decision for surgery.
Anyway enough of the waffle here are the pretties:

Im done now for a little while on the shopping front i think. Im spending the day with my husband tomorrow and we are going to his mums for tea. Im off now to find a little sun spot to sit and read my new Jilly Cooper book.

Thanks for reading
Take Care
Home Bargains £1.99

Super drug £1.95 & £3.05

Superdrug £???? forgot and £2.99 in Midnght Rouge

1 coat of midnight rouge

ASDA £1.00 lovely bargain
ASDA - I wanted the necklace ages ago and im glad i waited

Superdrug - cant remember how much except the pins for 50p

Dorothy Perkins - lovely colour in real life - like a deep cadbury wrapper purple

Dorothy perkins - i am glad i got the necklace cos when the sun hits it the colours are amazing



Primark £2.00

Primark £3.00 i have this in beige aswel

Primark £3.00 - only noticed they have a slight scratch when i got home - i checked and it must have happened while in the bag

I got this from a cute little make up stall in the Rock in Bury - cant remember how much she charged me

Thursday, 28 April 2011

I so did shop!

Hello lovelies,

Wow another gorgeous day. Im really loving being off work and getting to enjoy the weather.

I went to town and shopped today - payday thrills.
I wont waffle on much as im really tired and you all want to get to the pictures just like i do.
Oh and ive made an appointment for a consultation @ Transform Medical Group. Im not going to give too much away but i will say that its a huge step for me and will mean major surgery.
I will keep you posted after my appointment next weds.

Ok so before the goodies here is Miss Phoebe kittensworth pretending to be asleep when we can quiet clearly see that she isnt:
I love how her little buddah belly sticks out on the top pic. Before i got her she was a huge pudding of a cat but with a careful diet she is now looking so much more healthier. I love my puddy tat.

I have another trip planned for Saturday with the lovely Nicola and we are off to check out the new Primark in Bury. Im sure i will have lots more to show you by saturday.
So i hope we all enjoy the rest of the lovely weekend to come, and if you are going to watch the Royal Nuptuals hurrah!

Thanks for reading

Take Care

£6.00 small little stall in the shopping centre
£3.50 from scope charity shop - the brand is "Take me with you" and is 100% leather - i have a couple of bags from this brand now - its really soft and buttery leather

J'Adore this - £8.00 from Accessories. i have been lusting after this for a while so i thought i would treat myself  :)

This bag looks way more expensive that it was. It was £15.00 from an independant trader who was closing their shop down . It could easily pass as a Marc Jacobs (if i was walking really fast and the admirer was squinting haha)

Ive been after a straw trilby for ages and Primark didnt fail to deliver this beauty £3.00

I was also going to buy this at full price last payday and im glad i waited as i got it today for £4.00 from Primark - hurrah for waiting till its reduced

Ive had this before but lost it so i gots me another £2.00 primark  ~ they also have it in pink which i already have

The lable says it all. Its very Chan liu

How could i leave it for £1.50 - its was begging me to buy it

Primark Pretty £4.00

This was £30.00 so it better work -i may post before and after but im not confident about that

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How glam is my cam?

Hello lovelies,
Im poor, bored and restless.

Just like Miss Phoebe Kittensworth here

I dont get paid till tomorrow and ive ran out of things to do that are free.
Im watching SATC the movie 1 for the millionth time. It still doesnt get boring after each time though.
Anyway i decided to glam up my cam.

I have fallen out with my little Sony Cyber shot at the moment. He is being a very naughty boy as his record function wont work - which means i havent been able to record any youtubes videos for a while. My Pentax DSLR doesnt have record function either.

I just dont know whats wrong with him. I may have to get a new one and just use him for pictures.
Anyway here he is with his ickle makeover.
Glam huh?

Im sat here typing this thinking what else i can destroy with glitter nailvarnish.

Well im off to paint my nails in a very "Tiffany" shade, and laze about till tomorrow.

I have planned to go shopping for the next 3 days so im sure to have something more interseting to show you in my next posts.

For the lovelies that came over from my youtube channel - thanks and stick with me as im going to buy a new digital camera and record some vids very soon

Thanks for reading
Take care

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Goodbye InStyle :(

Hello lovelies,
*added in extra - go read this blog here - this post to be exact!

After adding the new make up desk into my dressing room i had to move a couple of other pieces and it came to light that i just had to do something about my collection of InStyle magazines.

When i moved in with husband in June 2008 i thought i would start a fresh with my collection and left at my parent's house (where i had been living for the past 3 years since 2005) my collection from mid 2005 - May 2008.
My poppa bear has since told me that the ones i left there "went to live on a farm" sniff :(

Before my move in 2005 I had previously been collecting since 2000 but i had to leave that huge 5 years worth pile at the house where i lived before moving back home with my parents. Im not going to go into why i left that house as it a very private/sad matter but i will say that the only regret i have is not taking my magazine collections with me.

Red, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour (every issue from the 1st one!) and Happy (no longer published) I had a huge stack of each. It makes me sad to think of what became of them. I dont think they went to live on a farm!

Anyway, i now have the decision of what to do with the InStyle. They are extemely heavy and when stacked on top of each other like below they get crushed. I havent got a spot for them im the flat that wont spoil them by crushing them or crush the place that i stack them on i.e a shelf.

If you look at the picture closely you can see Feb 2011 is missing - i know its in the flat somewhere - i just havent found it yet. I think its with my love letters as i was taking pictures of valentine articles for ideas back in Feb.

So yesterday i decided that i would either store them in a plastic box container in the scary cupboard (for scary see *full of spiders where the electric mains live) or pass them onto friends at work. To do that i would have to lug them into work. Maybe a couple at a time. Would my work friends really want to read a mag up to 3 years out of date?
 To me though they are my treasure. I have never missed an issue of this mag since i started collecting in 2000.

After reading through them all yesterday this is what i will have left.

Im a cutter - outerer!

I collect pictures and stick them into notebooks to inspire me.
I have one for outdoor shots of places and beaches, one for wish lists of things i want to buy and one that i use to inspire me to try and stay strong and not over-eat - i call that one my "stylish thinspiration".
So what to do? Pass them on?
Keep them stored away i the hope i may read them again if they dont get damaged in the scary cupboard?
Any ideas?

Thanks for reading
Take Care

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Hello lovelies.

I have been working hard this week - would love to be able to share what i do for a living but sadly i can't sorry. I work in Government and it has a serious side to it.
Rest assured it was brain taxing so i am fully deserving of THE NEXT 12 DAYS OFF!
Trumpets and fanfare ~ hurrah which clever girl booked 3 days off and got 12 for the same price. Moi!
Due to the impending Royal Wedding there has come about a very lucky run of days - ive booked 26th - 28th off and finished work on 21st April right up to the 3rd May.

Well just as i thought the weather was getting decent it starts to rain. Typical - last week it was sunny and now im on holiday the rain comes out.
To pass the time till the next ray of sunshine i have been painting everything i can get my hands on.
Just before the rain started last night i closed my windows and outside i saw that someone had left a dinky little cupboard with the refuse. It must have been placed there within the last hour of me looking out the window as it wasnt there at about 5pm.

Anyway i digress.
Long story short i rescued a cupboard, painted it white and voila!
New make up storage cupboard display.

I have another couple of projects lined up and will show you as soon as they are finished.
Now im off for a cuppa tea and a snuggly from husband.
Thanks for reading.

Take Care

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday light

Hello lovelies,
Its really sunny today.

I should be outside enjoying the sun but before i do that i just wanted to show you todays shiny.

My good friend Rozana makes her own jewellery and when i mentioned to her that i had taken all the swarovski crystals off my wedding dress bodice and saved them in a little tub she told me to give them to her as she had a surprise for me.

Well two days later she brought me back a bracelet made up of the crystals.
Its so pretty.
When the sun catches it you can see rainbow fractions.
It made me so happy to think that rather than being stuffed in a suitcase, part of my wedding dress can be worn any time i feel like it now.

She added a sterling silver fastening so it would last forever.
I really do love it and i think its a great idea.
What do you think?
The grey bracelet is from Primark and cost £1.50. I just wanted to show you this as i think it looks more expensive than it actually was and if you didnt know it was from primark it could easily pass as River Island or even Topshop. I bought it on the 28th March so it should still be being sold in Primark.

Thanks for reading
Take Care

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