Sunday, 25 November 2012

Im still here...

Hello Lovelies,

This is just a quick post to say hi.
The last 12 months have been so hectic i hardly have time to write this blog anymore. Which is a shame because i love sharing the things i think and buy and love.

Well in no particular order here are a few things i have been up to:

I got a Canon instead of a Nikon.
My cat got sick twice :(
I redecorated almost an entire house (just the bedroom left to paint and then its a whole house)
I got promoted at work
I got sick :(
My husband got sick and ended up in A&E
I took down my dot com and left it as a "sleeper" for now
I started 2 diets and lots 18lb each time (but gained it again ~ dang!)
Spent ALOT of time online looking at room/home websites for inspiration
Did a few photoshoots inbetween working

I will be back i promise. I just have things to take care of financially for the rest of this year and then i shall be to buy new and exciting shinier pretty things

I miss shopping like you have no idea but i have had to make grown up mature decisions about certain things in my life. It nots something i want to bore anyone with but it has been important to myself and my husband which meant i have had little or no disposable income to spend on shopping for pretties.

However, this is not a glum post...this is a hello :)

And for now A Bientot

Take care

I shall be back asap

Thanks for sticking with my blog and staying subscribed

It means alot
Courtesy of Google ~ Im obeseesing over Mirrored furniture

Tom Hardy ~ dont need to explain this one do i :)

Elizabeth Taylor Image courtesy of Google.  A woman who inspires me with her endless style and grace

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