Sunday, 6 June 2010

A little hello.....

A little affair with my nails.

Nails Inc.

My little collection of varnishes is getting bigger by the week.
Most of them have been gifted or freebies but i have 12 altogether now. I just love to look at them all lined up.
The Nails inc.are all 10ml full size.
The 4 exclusively for Diet Coke are available from larger Boots stores and with the purchase of 2 x 500ml bottle of Diet Coke you get a choice of the 4 colours. I managed to get all 4 which cost me just over £9.00 for 8 bottles of diet coke but the varnishes retail at £10.00 each so a bargain was had. Im not sure if the promo is still on but im sure if you check online you will find out.
Im hoping to be able to make a rainbow someday with all the colours.

I wanted to make a special mention to my O.P.I colours too...all 3 of them so they dont feel left out and my cheap but excellent quality Primark colours too.

I just need to get my fingers in pretty condition so i cant start to flash these pretties off for the summer.
Enjoy below:

Pretties pretties pretties
l-r Oh so glam, French Bordeux, Lunch at the Dehli
l - r Ultra Violet, ? no lable, Teal or no teal, Yes Cyan
l - r London, Paris, Milan, New York

l - r Warwick ave, Victoria St, Portman Place, Portland Place, Paddington St

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