Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I need to stop collecting.

Hello 2010.

Im a capricorn and im also a Magpie.
This does not bode well for me. Capricorns are known to be hoarders. Magpies are known for likey shiny pretty things.....
I edited my collection of glosses a while ago and i still have a mass of them left.

Im just never going to use them up but at the time of purchase i had to have each and everyone. They were all special in the own right and i needed to own them. When i find something nice and new i have this compulsion to own more of it, be it bags, books, make up or whatever - in different colours, smells or styles.
I nearly went broke when i was collecting Lancome Juicy Tubes - i had nearly 50 and wow those things are like £14.00 a pop!
I did make some money back as i sold a large brand new amount on eBay.

Even if i used a different gloss everyday i would have enough to last me for 2 years im sure.
So today i have decided that im going to go through them and discard the out of date ones and give away the ones i dont use/really really like.
Im going to dish them out among my sister and sister in law and a couple of glam friends at work.

From now im going to try and only buy something i need. (honest - fingers crossed!)

So its bye bye lovely glosses, hello lovely new only needed stuff - did i mention i have just got the new Instyle mag and they have this great piece on handbags!

I can feel the shopping wish list growing......

A little bit of lipgloss

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