Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birthday weekend shopping

Hello lovelies,

Thanks for reading.
Today is my birthday and im going out for Tapas. Me and husband along with my brother and his Mrs are going to town for early tea.

Im really looking forward to it.

Ive also been shopping on Friday and yesterday.

I didnt spend alot but i have managed to get alot of stuff for some reason. To be honest most of it is from Primark which probably makes sense why i have have lots of stuff for not so much cost.

Some of the pictures are gifts from work friends and close friends too.

So i hope you enjoy the pictures.

Take care.
Gift from my pal Nicola: They are super glossy

Primark £8.00

Primark £4.00

Primark £1.50 each: bought to pass to friends. Tastes and smells like cola for real

Primark £2.00

Bought from my work team for my birthday present

H&M £1.99 (I THINK!)

Primark reduced to £1.00 - need to get a couple more of these before they sell out - lovely texture and smell - plumping too

Primakr reduced to £1.00  - glides on lovely and gives a really good colour

Primark £2.50 - lovely berry taste too

As above - the colour looks nice on

Primark £2.50

T K Maxx £4.99

Accessories reduced to £1.50

Primark £4.00

Primakr £1.00

Primark £1.50

H&M £1.99

Gift from work team for my birthday present

Whittakers reduced to £2.00

H&M £6.99

T K Maxx Tweezers part of a set £3.99

left: Primark £2.50 tweezers right: T K Maxx as above part of set nailfile

BARGAIN!   charity shop buy £2.00

from a card shop: cant recall which one £0.99

Primark reduced to £3.00 each

Primark £8.00

Primark £8.00
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