Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hello Kitty and good morning

I wants one......
It would make early morning sooo worthwhile.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

My new toy

So i have been shopping and i just uploaded a new vid to youtube,
My channel is Magpieburns.

Im so loving my new phone. Its a Blackberry Curve 8520 in white.
Exclusive to Phones4u apparently.
I have no idea how it works but im going to have fun learning all the new features.

Im also loving my new Tiffany & Co bracelet.
So pretty.

Im really looking forward to doing all my xmas shopping next weekend too.
I have a lot of Birthdays and other celebrations coming up so i will make sure i take plenty of pictures to put up on here,
Just less than 6 weeks to go till xmas. Im like a kid when it comes to christmas time.
This will be my 1st year as a wife and im planning on cooking our first dinner together on the day.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wishing life had more sweetness.

Ahh if only i had one of these to eat.
This lovely picture will have to do for now.....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Autumn around the corner.....

So Autumn is here and i went for a little stroll last week with my new husband to the local park. I took a few shots and i couldnt help but get excited that soon i will be able to wear my scalfs and gloves. Time to bust them out of storage.
Now that i have a lionshare of my wage back to myself i have been thinking about the way i shop and all the things i "want". For the best part of a year i have been putting money aside for the big day and what i had left over i tended to spend. I felt guilty on my last shopping trip for actually buying things i saw and although i bought a few items i didnt really spend alot. I have had a lot on my mind and i do like the idea of luxury. Spending more on one bag rather than a little on a few bags does sound like a good idea but i dont want to be tied to one way of thinking. If i see something and i like it i will buy it if i can afford it and i will covet it if i cant.
With Christmas around the corner i think my spending on beauty and accessories will be on hold for now.
Who knows - New Year many New items.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

77 days till I do....

Things have been quiet on the blog front hey?
I have been busy trying to get wedding errands done.
It's only 77 days till the big day.

I also started back at Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago and my 1st week i lost 6 and half pounds and my second week i lost a further pound, Thats 7.5 pounds in 2 weeks. I think thats a great loss. I am aiming for a 2 stone loss by the wedding and i have eleven weeks to go.
I still have a few more things to organise and then i can relax. Also my Hen night extravaganza to Blackpool is 6 weeks today. My pal at work is organising it for me and it promises to be a great weekend from what i have been informed of. I asked her to keep most of it a secret so it will be a big surprise for me. No doubt there will be lots of girly fun. I have a few more vids uploaded on YT now and i am really enjoying doing them. Im still addicted to watching others and its kind of like theraputic to sit and watch other people talk about the things i love like Make up and Shopping.

I have a whole week planned next week dedicated to shopping so once i have done that i will report back with purchased items.

Thanks for

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tag Share the love...

Hello again - twice in one week - im really getting back into this blogging.
So i was tagged by this lovely lady:

I am going to try my own "share the love" tag. Im not sure how many to do but here are some vlogs i am glued to. I subscribed to many many more and its hard to choose.
I think i will do one for everyday this week.
Tuesdays share fest:
Here goes:
This lovely lady is sharing her weight losses and her tips on how to stay healthy - i really enjoy watching her vlogs and she inspires me to stay focused. If you want to be inspired for staying on target for weight loss -and all her cute little vlogs then have a look. Love you
The adorable and lovely Tiffany - she hasnt uploaded for a couple of weeks but when she does they are like little drops of gold sunshine. This lady is seriously girlie and makes some great hauls - we love you tiffany.
amazing - pretty - funny - girlie - and always has great tips on make up. Great hauls and i love her for sharing her wisdom.LOVE IT!
SUPERCUTE AND SUPER DEDICATED - VERY INSPIRING - i love her vlogs and she shares her losses with us regularly. 127 vlogs and counting - lots to watch and
This lovely girl is doing a great job with her weigh loss and sharing her weigh in's with us. She is funny and pretty and really inspires me to keep going - and she is as cute as a kitten too.

Thanks for reading and have a look at my channel here:

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Long time gone....

Long time no blog.
I been lazy watching youtube vlogs and making my own.
I promise i will blog asap, just feeling a bit off today with a sore throat.
If you want to have a look at my vlogs have a look at the link below.

Friday, 6 March 2009

So i can ramble....

Havent blogged in a while, So i thought i would catch up.
I have been poorly and busy doing not so much.

I have in the last 4 weeks:
1 Had a friend go AWOL!
2 Had a friend have a little baby girl. So cute.Hello to the world Baby Eden Neve.
3 Organised a few things for the wedding.
4 Thought about lots of things i want to buy but dont really need.
5 Eaten too much.
6 Been glued to Youtube makeup and haul vlogs.

I have decided to make this a blog for my weight loss too.
Starting today my weight is 13st 4lbs.
I dont like those numbers.. those numbers are not me.
Im ok at maths but this sum puzzles me:
Food + Mouth = Yummy / Tight clothes = unhappy + eat more as unhappy = expanding waistline.
So i rambled on in my youtube vlog.
I havent been doing it for long and am still learning. I love to watch others vlogs and get ideas so hopefully mine will get better.
Here it is if you want to watch me.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

NARSthing i can do about it....

Hey MAC... hey NARS.... im coming to get you
Hey MAC... hey NARS.... im coming to get you - by Magpieburns on

So ive been watching a few youtube videos and i have come to the decision that i will (yes i will...) be making some M.A.C and NARS purchases next Friday.

Im cant help myself. Its like im obsessed and i must have something from either or both stores.
I will post my haul when im done..

Friday, 6 February 2009

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hey its been a while..

Havent posted for nearly a month.
So ive been obsessed with youtube and haul videos and i finally uploaded my 1st couple of videos.
Ive been taking it easy since i went back to work after my DIY injury.
I havent really been out anywhere or made any purchases.
I did go to a wedding dress shop with 4 of my 6 bridesmaids and we had a great time.
My Aaron's mum shed a tear and i was fine until the assistance added a veil on my head. I cried buckets as i didnt think i would ever be getting married let alone to someone as wonderful as Aaron.
I more or less know the style of the dress i am going to choose and i was trying really hard not to want to buy the 1st couple i tried on. I have an appointment at a dress shop in Manchester next saturday and 2 of my bridesmaids are hopefully coming with me. If i see my dream dress (again!) then i think i might go for it.

Only 234 days to go till the big day.

Oooh and i kind of felt weird watching myself on you tube. I was really nervous.
Didnt realise i was looking a bit chubby so i think my you tube channel may become a wedding/weight loss log also.
I havent really got any purchases planned for payday yet. Dont know if the 2 weeks off work has kind of made me feel a bit down but i definately need my za za zooom back.
Its Aarons sisters birthday today (happy birthday Lady Victoria) so we may be going out for drinkies later. It will be a chance to get dressed up and use my new DKNY clutch i got for myself on my birthday from eBay.

I placed a juicy tube next to it for size comparison
Next time i post i will be more positive.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

January Jones

Girl been shopping.
New stuff
I swagged:

DKNY woman perfume
Dior bronzer (and the assistant gave me a load of freebies when i mentioned it was my birthday the following day)

Set of 5 mini note books with titles like "secrets and wishes" "favorite places"

Box set of 3 x note books in pink and chocolate brown (think this may be a new obsession!)

DKNY handbag from ebay (gorgeous gorgeous)

Dior make up pallet from ebay

DKNY mini clutch bag from ebay(not arrived yet)
Estee Lauder pure pops x 7
Juicy Tube "showered in Diamonds"
I also got a few more items but cant recall from the top of my head.
It was also my birthday and i got some wonderful cards and gifts from my loved ones and friends.
Been doing a lot of home improvement with my man and the place looks lovely.
Bought some new picture frames and a couple of vases.
Its also only 250 days till the wedding and i have an appointment at a local bridal centre on the 24th for a 1st trying on of a wedding dress, i have no idea what style i will chose. Its also exciting as all of my bridemaids will be there for their 1st try on also.
Am really looking forward to it and i may even put some pictures on if i see "my dream" dress while im in the shop.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

DIY pah!!!!

Holed up at home all day today. Did a spot of home improvement yesterday with my Aaron and woke up this morning and couldnt walk.
I must have pulled a muscle in my lower back (right bum cheek!!!!)
I took some painkillers and decided to spend the day catching up with some blog reading and trying to relax
I took a nice bubble bath to ease the pain.
I have organised my favorites blogs and added some new blogs links to my list.
I did some laundry and sorted out a pile of magazines for recycling.
My dvd's are now sorted into order and everything has been dusted and tidied.
I have an appointment at the Dr's in the morning and i hope it isnt anything serious.
This evening i will be mostly watching a couple of films cuddled on the sofa with my hottie bottle. Aaron is out with his pals at the cinema so its little ol me time.
Its ironic that a little bit of DIY put my back out and gave me a day off work to do a little me me me.
Oh and i found this delicious little site too. I spent the afternoon reading all the archives.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas roses...

You know when you get chocolates for xmas and there is still some left over into the new year.
Well my xmas "Roses" still think its December......

The are bloomin lovely.

Sunday. Day of rest

...yawn..... FA cup is on the telly today.
My Aaron works hard during the week and being a writer in his spare time he tends to be away in the clouds with his thoughts.

He relaxes by watching the "footy"...
I will for most of the day be doing this.....
And some of this:
Should take up most of the day of rest.......

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Where has she been?.....


By a total accident i stumbled upon this site

Goodbye 2008.. Hello New Year.

Reasons's to be cheerful..1...2...3
I have been so busy over the xmas period. I had a lovely time with the family and my man.
My camera is full of pictures waiting to be uploaded. Watch this face.....
Im also on count down to my wedding - 267 days to go.
I predict i will be blogging lots of wedding related items on here but before i come over all bridezilla i have to show you this.

I was browsing websites and i love love love the little Dior handbag gloss. Dior Spring 2009 Makeup: Lady Dior (Sneak Peek)
I want it.
Im sure i will embrace becoming wedding obsessed but for now.. for today i will be mostly looking at sites for frivolous, pretty, shiny little lovelies that take up most of my wage.
Wouldnt want it any other way.

Oooh must browse you and your
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