Friday, 6 March 2009

So i can ramble....

Havent blogged in a while, So i thought i would catch up.
I have been poorly and busy doing not so much.

I have in the last 4 weeks:
1 Had a friend go AWOL!
2 Had a friend have a little baby girl. So cute.Hello to the world Baby Eden Neve.
3 Organised a few things for the wedding.
4 Thought about lots of things i want to buy but dont really need.
5 Eaten too much.
6 Been glued to Youtube makeup and haul vlogs.

I have decided to make this a blog for my weight loss too.
Starting today my weight is 13st 4lbs.
I dont like those numbers.. those numbers are not me.
Im ok at maths but this sum puzzles me:
Food + Mouth = Yummy / Tight clothes = unhappy + eat more as unhappy = expanding waistline.
So i rambled on in my youtube vlog.
I havent been doing it for long and am still learning. I love to watch others vlogs and get ideas so hopefully mine will get better.
Here it is if you want to watch me.

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