Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday quickness

Hi Hi lovelies
Just a quick Monday morning post.

I have the remainder of the Nails Inc. varnishes that i wanted. Hurrah.

I also nipped into Store Twenty One and picked up a new coat and work skirt - some pictures to follow once im ready for work.

I rescused a little pearl bracelet from the shelves for £1.50 too.

Which was followed into my basket by a cute little military style beret and a sparkly snoody scalf.
Its not a bad shop - they have only just opened so they are not quite there yet with all the products on the shelves.

I also nipped into asda for a few items and picked up a boyfriend style watch for £10.00 and a set of 4 varnishes. I only wanted the gold and black but hey ho.

So have a happy day and thanks for reading

Saturday, 13 November 2010

New perfume and Magazines

Hello lovely readers,

I bought some perfume at work on Thursday from Fragrance Direct. They come to my work place about once a month and dont process the payments till payday (15th for my workplace.)

Hurrah for FD!!!

As i have used up the last of my fave Coleen i thought i would treat myself.
I went a little nuts.
Shameful i know...

£28.99 for 60ml: great price.

£50.00 for 100ml eau de toilette...oopsy i couldnt help it.

£15.00 for 30ml - standard in most shops

Lancome "Glamour on the go" pallette £19.99 - this retails at £32.00 in Debenhams ~insert happy face~

I also picked up InStyle and Glamour from the supermarket.
Glamour are giving away a Nail Inc. full size varnish 10ml with the December issue.
Although i love a freebie im a bit unsure about Nails Inc. at the moment. I have had mixed feelings about the brand for a while. Some bottles can be thick and have great coverage and nice consistancy, and then other times i pick up a real doozy thats watery and just wrong.

I picked up Saville Row which is a nice deep plum purple colour. One coat seems to be thick and covered very well. Looks like i made the right choice, although i may go back for the mushroomy colour too.

There's a light baby pink called Warwick Ave which i already have, a deep burgundy red named Hamstead Heath, theres also a soft taupe mushroom colour called Jermyn Street.
I dont get paid till Monday so i will have to wait to get the Jermyn Street.
Oh well.

My kitty cat Phoebe has settled in really well and has different "voices" to tell me what she wants. She purrs so much and that makes me happy.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Meet Miss Phoebe Kittensworth

I have a new kitty.
Shes very shy.
Im planning on doing a vlog once she has got used to her new home.
Meet Miss Phoebe Kittensworth:

Monday, 1 November 2010

Making pretty lights

Hello lovelies,
Ive just discovered that out of focus pictures need not be deleted.
After uploading a picture onto Flickr of "whats in my bag" it has had over 345 hits already. So i thought i would do the same for some of my jewellery.
I didnt know that while taking the first picture my camera wasn't focused and when i looked at it i went "wow!"

Its alot harder than you think to get pictures to look shiny when not in focus and below is the best of the bunch.
If you want to see more then have a look at my Flickr photostream here:
They make ever so pretty pictures if you look close up.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Love Sundays...

Hello lovelies,

I went to a Halloween party last night thrown by my brother and his girlfriend. 
My costume was Deadly Dorothy ( but a few guests thought i was Malice in Horrorland....did my huge red glittery shoes not give them a clue? guess not). My wig didnt stay on for long. Darn itchy scratchy thing.
I had such a great time and met a couple of new people.
One of my brothers friends Paul told me that he was interested in the paranormal and was in a group who conducted things conected with Paranormal activity and goings on. They arent taking any new members at the moment (pah!) but i really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know what he does. A really nice guy.

I had a little drinkie and enjoyed chatting and seeing friends i hadnt seen in a while.
Im having a lazy Sunday today, Husband is watching the NFL later and im catching up with blogs i read and youtubes vids that i subscribe to.

Painted my nails a lovely purple colour this morning too. The varnish is out of a set i bought from Boots from the company Frontcover. The name of the colour is deep purple. It comes out more blue in the picture but is in fact a nice metalic purple blue.

Some pictures of last nights party below:

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Hello again,

So i mentioned that i would take some pictures of the SATC 2 book. It doesnt stand up very well on its on and i need 2 hands to focus my camera without flash so ive done as best i can.
Also the new issue of Marie Clare is out....with another freebie.
This month they are giving away a bangle in 3 colours by a company called Made. They have clear, green and purple.

The idea behind this is that all goods are sourced and made for recycled item.
You can view the website here:

Laura Bailey has been heading up a campaign for them and they do have so many really nice items for sale.

So onto the pictures:
If you are a fan of the series and the films you need to buy this book.

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