Monday, 22 December 2008

Wedding Belle

Im getting married on 26th September 2009 and as xmas approaches i can start to get excited about trying on wedding dresses in the new year.
I am also looking forward to buying lots wedding magazines for inspiration and being allowed to read them IN FRONT of my boyfriend without having to worry about "is it too soon to be thinking about weddings?"
We are having a civil ceremony but i am still planning on a fairytaile dress. They say you know your dress when you see it. Im planning on trying on lots so "dress... if you are out there... im on my way..."

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

In the bag,

More of this recently,

I have been busy working and im really looking forward to xmas. This will be my 1st year living with Aaron. Waking up on christmas morning and opening our presents is going to be lovely.
My Sony Cybershot has been a busy girl too. Im havng fun taking pictures like the one above. Im coveting the Fujifilm Finepix S5800 8MP but my little Cybie will do for now.

Much mooching on my fave sites and i decided to show what i carry around with me on a daily basis. This is really basic stuff and sometimes my bag can become like Mary Poppins with whole rafts of stuff in there.

I have:
Mobile fone - Samsung with Chanel jewel
Little zebra print pouch to keep all my beauty stuff in
Chanel mirror
Hair band
FCUK nail files
Dior mirror
W7 Kiss me lipgloss
Juicy Tube lipgloss in Vanilla Soul
Lancome zen moisturiser
Clinique Superbalm lipgloss
Cybies little sleeping bag - awwww...
My Gucci style handbag - my current fave
Red notebook
Black organiser
Boot number 7 nailfile in black padded pouch
My mock croc effect purse
Mister mascara nailfile and tweezers
Leather gloves
And a Ferraro Rocher

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dark Days

Today was a mean weather day. Hands deep into my pockets. I took a couple of pictures and browsed a few cupcake websites today. Early riser Aaron was up with the Lark watching footy results on "match of the yawn..."
Its a funny time between November and December when i think "is it too early to put up a tree" but then i cant wait till Its officially Christmas and i can get busy with the decorations. This is my first year living with the Small and he doesnt like things to be "too Christmassy". I sure he will come round to my way of thinking when he gets home from work next week to find he lives in Santa's grotto. Once the lights and tinsel is up im sure he will be far too tired from work to want to take then down.
Im seeing this.....

and i want to see this!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Click click away

More fun with the camera. I have been getting to know my new toy and what it can do.
So far i have done this...

and this...

My Aaron was very manly today and did much throwing away of rubbish. This resulted in several visits to the local waste recycling centre. He has also gone out for an "hevening" with his man pals.
I stayed in and watched SATC: The Movie for the 16th time

I browsed ebay and thought about delicious things to eat and buy..

This website needs to be checked out.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

I shot you down..

I have a new toy...

Sony Cyber Shot DSC W110 with a Carl Zeiss lens.
It all about the pictures pictures pictures.
I will be playing with it so expect more delicious pictures asap

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

She works hard for the money....

This week was all about work, new office, new desk, new cases.

Its my non working day today and im going to be lazeeeee.
Much mooching on ebay and the likes and possibly some cupcake action blogs.
Other than that im just coasting time till payday on friday.

Whoo hooo for the 15th.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Goodie Bags

I went to a Christmas Charity evening at Debenhams on Tuesday night and the cost of a ticket was £3.00.
On arrival we were given a goodie bag.

The contents included:
Clarins 2 x Beauty Flash Balm 30ml
Clarins Moisture Quench Hydra-care Cream 30ml
Clarins Pure Melt cleansing gel 5ml
Clarins Gentle eye make up remover
Gucci by Gucci 5ml perfume
Innocent by Theiry Mugler 5ml perfume
Armani Code for Men aftershave 5ml
Dolce & Gabbanna "The One" perfume 5ml
£5 off voucher for Debenhams beauty club
Lancome Gift card (total amount on card not known yet as i havent activated it)
Lancome Zen 5 x moisturiser samples 5ml each
Lancome Miracle perfume 5ml

There was also free champagne, punch and fresh orange juice with canapes and nibbles.

We walked round the store with free abandon and made notes on a few choice "christmas" must haves. Some of which are on my must buy list for payday 15th Nov.

I think i totally swagged out on this evening and i also got to have a go on the Benefit lucky dip. Buy two items and a free "lucky dip".
I pulled out a lovely little kabuki brush. I gave this to my good friend Sarah.
It was a wonderful evening and i cant wait till the next one.

SATC and me...

Today i will be watching SATC the Movie again.
This will be the 15th time and it just keeps getting better.
My Aaron is working till 6pm so a spot of lunch will be in order and i will do some shopping.
I will visit "the Boys" and then this evening we have been invited to a belated haloween party.
Busy Magpie.....

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Me me me wednesday

I had an awful day at work and looked forward to coming home all day.
Aaron had an evening planned with his pals at the cinema after we had tea so i had some wonderful lady alone time. I had a hot bubble bath followed by a hot cuppa and a few biccies and caught up with the final episode of "The Family".
Bliss Bliss Bliss.
Much time perusing a few cupcake websites and i will end the night with a few games on Facebook.

A great end to a poo day.

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Nite Nite

Monday, 3 November 2008

I Tiffany & Co do........

My Aaron has just enquired about the website that im browsing and this is what i was looking at.

He asked if i wanted an engagement ring to which i replied....

"I dont need an engagement ring because you are my diamond"

I love him always.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Winter is here as i wore a scarf and gloves earlier today.

When it gets cold like today i tell myself that i will make my favorite detour to get home and walk the route that i used to take when heading home from primary school.
There are trees on each side of the street and as they are so old the roots have made the pavement rickety and unruly.
It has its own church with a small vicarage and tennis courts leading onto a play park.
This time of year the park is deserted due to the cold weather and the nights are drawing in making it darker earlier. Each house with its inviting lights is a joy to pass and has its own unique character. Sometimes when i take this journey i try to pretend that im 7 again imagining what games i would play when i eventually reached home. Most of the gardens will be full of the leaves fallen from the trees and if the curtains are not closed on some of the homes i get a sneek peek into peoples living room. The best time to walk down this street is christmas and im sure i will be making the detour soon.

This is what i mostly did today...

From the list in the post below this is what i actually did today,
  1. Laundry
  2. Food shopping
  3. Looked at these websites....
and drank lots of tea. Best Sunday this week.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Lazy saturday today, enjoying time with my Aaron watching re runs of SATC season 2.
Im feeling the switch from Autumn to Winter and i will be busting out the pashmina's later today for a visit to family.

My thoughts keep running to things i want.
In no particular order these are the things im wanting today
  • New digital camera

  • grey marl cashmere jumper to go with..
  • new indigo blue jeans
  • and these.....check out this website, click on the picture.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Im lusting after the LUXE life,
I keep thinking of delicious shiny expensive things.
Dior make up, Chanel lipglass, MAC powder puffs, Selfridges food hall...
Im a humble girl with an expensive imagination.
But on that note the best things in life are free and at exactly 07:26am this morning i was given a tiny little treasure.

My Aaron whispered in my ear "I LOVE YOU".

It was free and it will last longer in my heart than any Chanel bag or Balenciaga gown.
The best things in life really are free.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

The "Boys"

Yesterday i went to visit "the boys".
My nephews from my sister.
I gave them some glow in the dark spiders and a bit of chocolate. They are at the age in between adorable and naughty and i love em even more for it. Seeing them grow up into little tinkers is great and i enjoy every visit.

My Mr Always

Its the small things that matter.

This person is without a doubt the most wonderful person in my life and i adore him.
He makes me laugh,
A true Joker. My Mr. Forever.

He really is my superman.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Much emphasis on NYC pictures, saving, uploading, looking, wishing... perhaps NYC will be a honeymoon destination. One can hope. Imagine the stories we will tell the children.

Ive been bookmarking websites for future browsing.

At the moment this is current fave.

Today i gave notice of marriage with the local registry office and the weather was cold and wintery. I cuddled up closer to my Aaron and put my hand in his pocket for warmth. Its important to have warmth in a relationship.
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