Sunday, 27 February 2011

So i made my other blog.

Hello lovelies,

Finally got round to making my other blog.
Its all about food food food.

Picture of delicious nom nom courtesy of Mr. Google
If you want to check it out here is the link.


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sweet charity

Hello lovelies.

I worked till 9pm last night so i thought i deserved a lovely lie in this morning.
Had a bit of a headache too as i wore my hair in Japanese style buns yesterday and they were a bit tight so my head is sore this morning.

When we finally decided to get up, me and hubby took his mum out for late breakfast at a local diner/cafe. Had a scrummy brekky and a nice cup of tea.

We then had a wander round the shops and i picked up a few nice items from some charity shops.
Pictures below are what i swagged:

£5 from a Derian House which is a local charity. The make is Barratts.

£1.00 also from Derian House charity shop.

£1.00 This was from Salvation Army chairty shop. Made by Boots. The thread has come undone a little on the bottom but i will be able to fix it.

£1.00 from Help the aged. Made by a company called Jessica. Never seen this make before.

£1.00 help the Aged.

£1.00 help the aged - dont know what make but im guessing Dorothy Perkins like the one above

I love love love this.  £2.49 from Barnardo's. Made by Divided which i think is H&M. My fave find of the day.

Here's a picture of my big girl Miss Phoebe Kittensworth. She was being extra friendly so i thought id let her say hello.
Thanks for reading.

Take care

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekend slowdown

Hello Lovelies,

Went to Nicola's for tea after work on Friday.  She invited a few girlies from work and fed us delicious food. We had burrito's, Nacho's and Fajita's. I even ate kidney beans. Ive hated kidney beans ever since i saw a tv programme when i was about 5 which said if you didnt cook them propely they can kill you.
Ive been scared of them even since.
They kind of taste like beans. Hold the front page!

I was glad of the girly evening because i spent Thursday night in pain. I had my 1st personal tranier appointment at the gym and by god did he train me.
I left hurting like a hurty thing. He gave me a programme to follow which will transform me into a godess, I just need to break the pain barrier. My muscles have been on honeymoon honeymoon in 2009.
I got home after the gym and had a nice warm bubble bath and hit the hay. Husband came home around midnight after the cinema to find me fast asleep.

So back to friday, we had drinkies and giggles and listened to music. Was lovely to spend time with girly friends.

Had a lazy saturday morning mooching on PC and reading blogs.

Played in my dressing room last night also.
Gravitated towards my jewellery boxes. I have a few pairs of earrings that have straight posts and dont hang on my regular stands:
Picture below shows the well behaved earings with hooks:

The straight posts ones were always falling off. Hence them being put away in the jewellery boxes.

I had a little idea last night and so this morning i thought i would give it a go.
I hung them on a wine glass with their little rubber stoppers as support. I filled the glass with beads from a necklace and my grans crystal necklace and i think it looks grand.

And now all my dangly earrings are very well behaved.

I also dressed my tailor shop dummy in my favourite Warehouse jacket. It give me a little thinspiration. I choose something that i really want to fit back into and start wearing again and put it on her. When i walk into my dressing room and see her it reminds me to not over - eat. I call her betsy.
I might make this a feature on my blog to show you all the clothes i have and want to fit back into.
Hopefully i can wear them for real very soon.

Thanks for reading
Take care.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some new additions

Hello readers,

So my Benefit "Justine Case" finally arrived in the post. I got this from a promotion by O2. I signed up for their simplicity sim, then had to top up a min of £15.00 and had to text a code back which was in conjunction with Benefit and voila one free Justine Case. Guess what. They sent me two by mistake. In seperate packages. Hurrah for extra free freebies. I gave one to my good friend Nicola who is an avid Benefit fan. Made both our days.

Fragrance Direct came to work today aswell.

And i had to have a little something.
The good thing is with this company is that they dont debit your bank account till payday.

I decided on a couple of new scents, One of which i have been dying to try.
Valentino Rock and Dreams.
My good friend at work wears it and she always smells amazing.

The other is Marc Jacobs Lola. To be honest i really really wanted the free leather purse that came with. Fickle i know.
I also bought a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love this also but ive never had a bottle of it.

They were also giving away samples of Prada L'eau Amber. A very grown up scent. Not sure if im keen on it.
I managed to get 4 so if anyone wants one of these the 1st 4 people to inbox me their details @ i will post them out is a jiffy bag for you.

Thanks for reading lovelies.
Take Care.

Here's what i swagged below:

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dressing room

Hello lovely readers.
A lot has been going on and im guilty of neglecting my blog.

Ok so in no specific order here is what i have been up to:
  1. I joined a super dooper gym.
  2. Ive lost 7lb in 2 weeks.
  3. I havent really shopped for 3 weeks so roll on pay day 28th.
  4. I spent most of yesterday evening in A&E - My mother in law was taken in for breathing difficulties but all is well now.
  5. I had an appraisal at work and i got good feedback.
Other than that its pretty much same old same old.

I got a little bored tonight aswell so i played in my dressing room changing a few things here and there.
I do this alot.

Well till next time, thanks for reading and a few piccies below.

Take care

My ever growing lovely varnish collection

£15.00 from Debenhams - the Mood range

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