Sunday, 11 April 2010

Instyle May '10 "50 style sites you must bookmark"

"50 Style sites you must bookmark"
This months issue of Instyle Magazine has a great article. Its 50 of the best sites to visit for Fashion and Luxe items, Blog listings and online shopping websites.
I have kindly listed them here for you to peruse,
Unfortunatley i cannot find the link on the website to the article (??)

Im certainly going to be spending the evening browsing...

Here goes:
1 American Apparel
2 Atelier-Mayer
3 Cult Beauty
4 Style Rookie
6 The Selby
7 Bryanboy
8 Nowness
9 Fashionista
10 Boots
11 The Cool Hunter
12 Beauty woo me
13 Go fug yourself
14 Foursquare
15 Urban Outfitters
17 Fashionair
18 Beauty is a religion
19 Fashion Hire
20 Luxe City Guides
22 Cinderella Me
23 New Look
24 Colette
25 Yoox
26 Jack Wills
27 Garance Dore
28 Desiner Dot Coms
29 Fashion Confidential
30 ECO
31 Street Peeper
32 Selfridges
33 Being Content
34 My tights
35 Perez Hilton
36 Pierre Herme
37 My-Wardrobe
38 Black Tomato
39 Culture Label
40 Instyles Shopping Site
41 Koodos
42 Portero
43 Achica
44 Topshop
45 Twitter
46 Michelle Phan
47 Look Fantastic
48 London Fashion Week
49 Upper Street
50 Show studio

Friday, 9 April 2010

Night and Day....a tale of two balms

Night and day:

I have been using 2 very different glosses this past month.
The 1st is Bourjois Baume de Nuit. Night Lip Balm in Rose Nacre
Its basically a tinted lip balm that boasts to restore lips to lovelyness while you sleep.
I have even on one occassion put it on my cuticles as my hand cream was left at work (shame on me!).
Its a nice subtle pink colour that gives the lips a lovely sheen but has no flavour to it.
It has a soft texture and smells wonderful. It leaves my lips ever so soft and is very moisturising.
It retails for around £3.99 in most makeup shops i.e Superdrug and it should last a while as a little goes a long way. I have not seen this product on the Bourjois website or any shops in any other colour.

The second is a Next branded product called Sweet Mango moisturising lip balm.
This is also a 7g pot and retails for £1.50. It has a counterpart namely Sweet Strawberry.
In my opinion the Mango is the best scent and flavour of the two. The strawberry flavour is a little overpowering in its sickly sweetness. The mango is divine and conjours up images of desert islands and tropical getaways.

I have used both brands over the last few weeks and although they are both very similar in likeness they are worlds apart in terms of how they make my lips feel.
The Next gloss looks great on lips but tends to wear off after a short while - but im not opposed to reapplying with its tempting scent everytime i open the lid. Other than looking pretty it hardly keeps my lippies soft.
The Bourjois is doing an excellent job in keeping my pout in tip top condition while i get my beauty zzzz....but does not give any glossyness. (as i am asleep)
But by the by the Bourjois is for nighty night and the Next is for daytime and in their own right they fit their own purpose.
Im definatley going to purchase the 2 brands again.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

O.P.I knew i would love them...

O.P.I love you
So i signed up for a subscritption to Marie Clare.
Its £6.00 for 6 issues and you get a free set of four O.P.I varnishes.
The colours i got are (in order left to right):
Skinny dipping in lake michigan
Oh so glam
Lunch at the dehli
French Bordeux
Today i decided to wear French Bordeux which is a raspberry redish colour with a bit of shimmer.

They are all lovely and i cant wait to wear each colour. I have never really bought O.P.I before but i have read on Youtube that they are a good buy and really do look great. They also last for 3 - 4 days aswell (thats if you dont change the colour 1st!!!)

Im also loving Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker plumping lipglosses.

I purchased on eBay a set of 3 which include Baby Doll, Plum Juice and Half Naked. My favorite is Plum Juice which is the bottom one on the picture above.
They give the lips a lovely shine and tingle at the same time.The sensation of the plumping takes some getting used to but i like it now.
Im really looking forward to nice warm sunny days and lots of lovely accessorys i can use.
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