Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pretty new things.

 Hello Lovelies,

Ive been MIA for a few weeks.
Its suddenly become mega busy on the photography front and i have been finding it difficult to grab 20 mins to sit down and write a blog update.
So anyway's i thought i would say hello to you all.
Here are a few pictures of what i have been up to. Not much as im a bit cash poor at the moment.
Spent far too much money on camera equiptment and far too little of pretties.

I also joined Slimming World last week. I know i said i never join there would but i just cant get my head around the new Weigth Watchers plan. Its my 1st weigh in tonight so fingers crossed. Its been really really easy to follow and i have eaten loads of fruit and veg and all fresh stuff.

Hopefully i will update soon.

Thanks for reading

Take Care

Primark £1.50

L ~ R Boot 7 shimmer powder 50p charity shop. Ciate Nail varnish free with this months Marie Clare. Ciate lipgloss. Free with last months Marie Clare. Mango Lipgloss £1.00 Primark

Oasis leather bag £4.00 charity shop <3 this.

Asda £1.00

Asda £1.00

Jessops online ~ swag of the century £99.95 online £179.00 in the shops. Bought it online and collected in store . Genius saved myself £80.00

Morgan ~ free. swapped my River Island black ne with my sister in law :)

Dorothy Perkins sale £2.00

Primark £2.50

How retro is this!  My lovely pal Sarah gave this to me for free. It doesnt work but it sure does look purdy.

Primark £0.50. have put them away till winter. Chewbacca meets princess Leia

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

Getting to know Nik(on)

Hello lovelies,

As i type this my head is banging and i cant swallow. I have the shivers too.
I caught the flu again.

I couldnt wait any longer to type up a blog though.
I went shopping with my lovely friend Amy on Tuesday.

We had a pub lunch and spent 4 hours walking around, she did the buying i did the sighing.

I sighed as i have no spare £.  Because i bought the Nikon D3100.  I love him.

~ Meet Nik ~

As i spent plenty lots on him i dont have any pennies left to buy frivlous things.

Well actually thats a lie, i bought a few.
Here is the teeny tiny amount of stuff i have picked up since Tuesday:

£1.00 each from Poundland - the blue is awesome

£1.00 each from Poundland

£2.00 from Primark

£2.50 from Primark

reduced to £1.00 from Primark

£1.99 from H&M ~ smells like holidays

reduced to £1.00 from H&M

I have also been updating my photography website and by the end of the week im hoping to be on my own site.
If you would like a nosey click HERE

Im off back to beddy byes with a lemsip and a few DVD's till husband comes home.

Thanks for reading
Take care

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Im still here......but i have no camera's

Hello lovelies.

I am camera - less.

My Sony Cybershot is shot and my Pentax was sold.

I am going to be upgrading to either a Canon EOS 550D or a Nikon D3100.

It all depends on whether or not my H.R department have paid our bonus for the 28th.

There was a slight mishap and nearly 800 staff may not get paid there bonus till July. A large group of unhappy bunnies.

Anyhow, as i have no camera i cant show pictures of my wantings and buyings.

I have however been working on my photography website.  Im planning on going next tuesday rather than using the current hosting site im on.  I just want to have my own domain.  Since i started letting people know i will be doing photoshoots rather than just as a hobby for myself i have been inundated and im booked up for work till almost the end of October.

I dont have much to say other than please come back soon and i shall have lots of bloggy goodness for you.

If you want to have a look at my website she's here

Thanks for reading,

Take care....
oh and courtesy of Mr Google here is what im currently crushing on.......

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sunny shopping Friday, sunny shopping Saturday

Hello lovelies,

As i write this im having a sickly sweet sugar rush from a Vanilla Whoopie.
Its the 1st time i have tried one and i think probably the last. Very sweet, very filling and now i feel im like a cloud filled up with sugar.

I went on a solitary shopping trip yesterday just for a couple of things down on the high street and today i went full on shop mode with my lovely pal Nicola.

We had our dinner in Nando's. It was Nicola's 1st time in there and she loved it.
I didnt get very much shopping but it felt like we went in every shop. There are lots of nice summery dresses and accessories in the shops at the moment. I dont really want to buy that many new clothes yet just in case i go through with my decision for surgery.
Anyway enough of the waffle here are the pretties:

Im done now for a little while on the shopping front i think. Im spending the day with my husband tomorrow and we are going to his mums for tea. Im off now to find a little sun spot to sit and read my new Jilly Cooper book.

Thanks for reading
Take Care
Home Bargains £1.99

Super drug £1.95 & £3.05

Superdrug £???? forgot and £2.99 in Midnght Rouge

1 coat of midnight rouge

ASDA £1.00 lovely bargain
ASDA - I wanted the necklace ages ago and im glad i waited

Superdrug - cant remember how much except the pins for 50p

Dorothy Perkins - lovely colour in real life - like a deep cadbury wrapper purple

Dorothy perkins - i am glad i got the necklace cos when the sun hits it the colours are amazing



Primark £2.00

Primark £3.00 i have this in beige aswel

Primark £3.00 - only noticed they have a slight scratch when i got home - i checked and it must have happened while in the bag

I got this from a cute little make up stall in the Rock in Bury - cant remember how much she charged me

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