Sunday, 6 March 2011

A little shopping blog..and a Marc Jacobs surprise

Hello lovely readers.
Ive been sick, i still am poorly, but im alot better than i was.

Its started wednesday evening..but before i pap on about that..
I got a new Blackberry.
Ive had one before and i didnt like it as i couldnt connect to the internet at the time and it was just meh!
Well im up and running with this new one and im loving her.

So i went to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday evening with a couple of friends from work. We had a great time and spent hours looking around the shops at all the pretties. We had a nom nom tea at Pizza hut too.

I did purchase a couple of things from Selfridges.
Ohhhhhh yes!!!

M.A.C conditioning lip balm in Petting Pink £11.00

And this lovely too...

Chanel Soliel De bronze in Medium £35.00 Soleil Tan de Chanel in 62 Terra Epice £32.00

The lovely MUA also gave me 2 lovely freebies in trial size.

A little Primark and Boots visit:

Primark |£1.50

Primark £1.50 for set of 2 - i bought 2 sets as i wanted 2 white ones

Primark £2.50 oilcloth wash bag

From boots - £2.49 i think...not quite sure..threw away reciept :)

Boots...erm...£2.99 i think...???
And finally the eBay...
I bid on a couple of items and one of them said "selection of purses Warehouse ect" so i though "at 99p start price why not".

Oh my days when the package arrived one of them was....MARC JACOBS!!!
It's genuine. Ive checked it and compared it and its 100% genuine. I admit its is used and a little worn on the front locks but its still lovely.
Why would someone sell this! The actual end price after bidding was £11.33 but out of that i got 1 super cute beige purse and 3 leather purses one of which is MJ!

The other winning bid was a Clinique make up set whic is really nice.
Oasis "escape" collection - leather and just very lovely. Like a travel wallet i think

I guessing the seller got this from Primark as i looks like my barrell bag from there

This is leather - no lable inside but im going to guess at either Oasis or Debenhams

Lovely lovely lovely

I got sick wednesday night and didnt get out of bed for 2 days. I think i may have caught tonsilitus but i cant be sure. I didnt go to my Dr's. I just thought i would be better off sleeping it off and staying put. Im still coughing alot but i cant walk about now without wanting to faint and keel over.
Its a lovely sunny Sunday outside now so i think i will sign off and nip to the supermarket for a salad and a few other things.
Thanks for reading
Take Care

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Marie said...

Fun stuff and yay for a new phone!:D

***** Marie *****

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