Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dark Days

Today was a mean weather day. Hands deep into my pockets. I took a couple of pictures and browsed a few cupcake websites today. Early riser Aaron was up with the Lark watching footy results on "match of the yawn..."
Its a funny time between November and December when i think "is it too early to put up a tree" but then i cant wait till Its officially Christmas and i can get busy with the decorations. This is my first year living with the Small and he doesnt like things to be "too Christmassy". I sure he will come round to my way of thinking when he gets home from work next week to find he lives in Santa's grotto. Once the lights and tinsel is up im sure he will be far too tired from work to want to take then down.
Im seeing this.....

and i want to see this!

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