Thursday, 8 April 2010

O.P.I knew i would love them...

O.P.I love you
So i signed up for a subscritption to Marie Clare.
Its £6.00 for 6 issues and you get a free set of four O.P.I varnishes.
The colours i got are (in order left to right):
Skinny dipping in lake michigan
Oh so glam
Lunch at the dehli
French Bordeux
Today i decided to wear French Bordeux which is a raspberry redish colour with a bit of shimmer.

They are all lovely and i cant wait to wear each colour. I have never really bought O.P.I before but i have read on Youtube that they are a good buy and really do look great. They also last for 3 - 4 days aswell (thats if you dont change the colour 1st!!!)

Im also loving Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker plumping lipglosses.

I purchased on eBay a set of 3 which include Baby Doll, Plum Juice and Half Naked. My favorite is Plum Juice which is the bottom one on the picture above.
They give the lips a lovely shine and tingle at the same time.The sensation of the plumping takes some getting used to but i like it now.
Im really looking forward to nice warm sunny days and lots of lovely accessorys i can use.


Aimee. said...

So all you had to really spend to get the opi nail varnishes was 6quid no catch? x

Lisa, Hi there said...

The Marie Claire subscription was for £6.00 for 6 issues and you got the O.P.I gift for subbing.
If you go online on the Marie Claire website im sure they will still have this available.
Fingers crossed for

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