Saturday, 11 September 2010

Down time

Hello lovelies,

I have 2 whole weeks ahead of me on annual leave from work. Thats 14 days all to myself. Bliss.

Hubby and i work at the same place and we booked the time off together so we could go on holiday for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Sadly we haven't saved up enough pennies so we will be staying in England.
Weve got days out here and there planned and a few catch up's with our families. I will be taking my camera everywhere to capture lots of pictures.

Ive also got a shopping trip planned for the 15th (payday aka yayday) and i will most likey be going to either the Trafford Centre or Manchester city centre. I will do a nice little vlog/blog on the pretties i buy.
This week i have mostly done this:

I have both the books on the go at the moment and am alternating between the two (when Silence gets a bit gruesome i swap back to Coco).
Thanks for reading and see you soon with a lovley haul blog/vlog.

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