Saturday, 4 September 2010

Manchester: Airport and Art

Phew, what a week.

Ive just had a full week back at work doing my full time hours and i can honestly say im mentally "pooped".
I had to visit an occupational Therapist for a work review yesterday.
Their offices' are all the way over at Manchester Airport. To get there i had to go by train so i thought i would take my camera with me.
I took a few "arty" snaps of Manchester from the train window, you can see them below, Ive been trying to capture the perfect image to upload onto Flikr.
I didnt take any pictures at the airport. Me thinks that would have been too "planespotter". My attention was also caught by a huge billboard at Bolton train station with Uma Thruman looking stunning.
If you want to see the video for the advert then click this link. If you havent seent he english version, the tag line is "without Heart we would be mere machines" or something along those lines.

Giulietta is most becoming...

The weather was really warm yesterday at the Airport and it made me think of holidays and being lucky enough to be flying abroad somewhere sunny.
Hubby and i are making plans for a nice holiday next August. We are going to save up for a whole year to have the kind of trip where we have no worries about splashing out on fun things to do.
Thats going to be motivation for me to lose a few stones and increase the exercise.

Its Saturday today and i have the flat to myself as hubby has gone meeting a few pals to do some script writing. (If anyone is interested in watching him in a short film that the production company he helps with did, then check out this link . Hubby is the one who answers the phone.....)

Ive been taking some close ups of shiny things too, to improve my technique.
Below are a few shots.
Im going to be catching up on some blogs and watching a few youtube vids.
I love lazy Saturdays. What about you?
Thanks for reading.

Amber bracelet, one of my faves

My lovely turquioise scalf

This belonged to my gran. One of my treasures

This also belonged to my gran. I love the green colour

Manchester looking almost artdeco

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