Saturday, 13 November 2010

New perfume and Magazines

Hello lovely readers,

I bought some perfume at work on Thursday from Fragrance Direct. They come to my work place about once a month and dont process the payments till payday (15th for my workplace.)

Hurrah for FD!!!

As i have used up the last of my fave Coleen i thought i would treat myself.
I went a little nuts.
Shameful i know...

£28.99 for 60ml: great price.

£50.00 for 100ml eau de toilette...oopsy i couldnt help it.

£15.00 for 30ml - standard in most shops

Lancome "Glamour on the go" pallette £19.99 - this retails at £32.00 in Debenhams ~insert happy face~

I also picked up InStyle and Glamour from the supermarket.
Glamour are giving away a Nail Inc. full size varnish 10ml with the December issue.
Although i love a freebie im a bit unsure about Nails Inc. at the moment. I have had mixed feelings about the brand for a while. Some bottles can be thick and have great coverage and nice consistancy, and then other times i pick up a real doozy thats watery and just wrong.

I picked up Saville Row which is a nice deep plum purple colour. One coat seems to be thick and covered very well. Looks like i made the right choice, although i may go back for the mushroomy colour too.

There's a light baby pink called Warwick Ave which i already have, a deep burgundy red named Hamstead Heath, theres also a soft taupe mushroom colour called Jermyn Street.
I dont get paid till Monday so i will have to wait to get the Jermyn Street.
Oh well.

My kitty cat Phoebe has settled in really well and has different "voices" to tell me what she wants. She purrs so much and that makes me happy.

Thanks for reading

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