Monday, 1 November 2010

Making pretty lights

Hello lovelies,
Ive just discovered that out of focus pictures need not be deleted.
After uploading a picture onto Flickr of "whats in my bag" it has had over 345 hits already. So i thought i would do the same for some of my jewellery.
I didnt know that while taking the first picture my camera wasn't focused and when i looked at it i went "wow!"

Its alot harder than you think to get pictures to look shiny when not in focus and below is the best of the bunch.
If you want to see more then have a look at my Flickr photostream here:
They make ever so pretty pictures if you look close up.
Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Aimee. said...

Hey hun thanks =) 4 saying brown...
url b please to know glamour mag have 4 more new nails inc colours... and yano 'forever 21' thats always ranted about on youtube... they are opening a store in bham this novemenber.. ahhh thats near me soooo excited.. may go to the opening never know may get a goodie bag hahah lmao xxx

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