Sunday, 31 October 2010

Love Sundays...

Hello lovelies,

I went to a Halloween party last night thrown by my brother and his girlfriend. 
My costume was Deadly Dorothy ( but a few guests thought i was Malice in Horrorland....did my huge red glittery shoes not give them a clue? guess not). My wig didnt stay on for long. Darn itchy scratchy thing.
I had such a great time and met a couple of new people.
One of my brothers friends Paul told me that he was interested in the paranormal and was in a group who conducted things conected with Paranormal activity and goings on. They arent taking any new members at the moment (pah!) but i really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know what he does. A really nice guy.

I had a little drinkie and enjoyed chatting and seeing friends i hadnt seen in a while.
Im having a lazy Sunday today, Husband is watching the NFL later and im catching up with blogs i read and youtubes vids that i subscribe to.

Painted my nails a lovely purple colour this morning too. The varnish is out of a set i bought from Boots from the company Frontcover. The name of the colour is deep purple. It comes out more blue in the picture but is in fact a nice metalic purple blue.

Some pictures of last nights party below:

Thanks for reading.


Aimee. said...

Omg that colour is amazing was that one of the xmas gifts in boots.. the nail varnish bottle looks small though.. how many coats did u have to give it hun.. do u rate them much? may have to give them a try that colour is stunning !! x omg i LOVE IT... Amazing... xxxx

Magpieburns aka Jupiterfalls said...

they were part of a set thats 3 for 2 for xmas

the picture was 2 coats.
I think the box set is worth spending the £12.00, which makes them just under £2.00 each as you get 7 diff colours.

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