Monday, 18 October 2010

All shopped out.

Hello lovelies,

I went on a double shopping trip this weekend.
I bought a couple of dresses on Friday after work for a night out with my new team. I didnt end up wearing either of them. As i only had an hour to buy something i rushed and made rubbish choices. Isnt that always the way.  Here we all are below.
After a few drinks in a local bar below we ended up going into town. I have a picture of me spinning round a dancers pole which i may.....(ahem! maybe not) add on at a later date.

I took both dresses back to town on saturday and exchanged them for 1 dress for a party on Saturday night.
It was a lovely jumper dress with embelishments and chains on the shoulder. i was trying to pull a mean face here. My brother took the picture and its a thing we do when either of us is taking a picture of each other. Id rather be the one taking the pictures than have my picture taken.
Gah! hates it. >.<

I bought some other lovely stuff on Saturday in town.
Because ive done a shopping haul vid on youtube i wont post all the pictures of eveything i bought. If you want to watch the vids then have a look on the link here:

Theres 3 vids in total...(wow i chatter alot!)
Below is pictures of most of the pretties i bought.

I will be working on my website for most of the week and hopefully i will be able to catch up with a few blogs that i love to read.

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Aimee. said...

hey yano the fcuk pallete u have photographed... do they do a selection of browns do you know and how much was it ... thanks x

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