Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Whats better than a freebie?

Two freebies.
This months Marie Clare are giving away a nail varnish in 2 lovely colours. They are from a company called Ciate and the varnishes are called "paint pots".
The colour i chose (or chose me) is called Dangerous Affair. Its 13.5 ml which is larger than normal size varnishes i usually buy.
I cant tell you what the other colour that they are giving away is because ASDA only had the one shade left. The mag costs £3.50 and i think that its worth buying just for the freebie alone. InStyle are also offering 25% off from orders on the website I just noticed on the picture below..white chocolate varnish remover...OMG!

The other happy happy joy joy is a nail and hand cream from L'Occitaine which comes in 30ml size.
This comes on the cover of InStyle mag. Which also have the darling Ginnifer Goodwin on the cover.

There are 3 choices available: Fleur Cherie (orange blossom and neroli) Original scent (just erm lotiony smell) and Cherry Blossom (they didnt have this choice either so i will pick this up from WH Smiths at the weekend. I opted for Fleur Cherie as i have had original before and thought the cherie was the best out of the two.
The mag costs £3.somethingorother which again is worth it for the gift. I think these lotions retail in the region of £10.00 from boots. Not sure on this one.
Will just ask Mr Google.......

Mr Google says the scents are new and not available in the shops yet but 150ml original retails at £16.50 and travel size 30ml retails at £7.00. So for £3.bipdebop you get a great read and lovely soft hands, BRILLIANT!

Husband bought me a lovely little book from the restaurant at work (they have retailers come in and sell their wares on certain days in the month - today was The Book People).
He picked up The Hummingbird Bakery book for me for £5.00. Loves him.
Am looking forward to relaxing with a hot cup of tea and flicking through this dreaming that i am the perfect wife who bakes. Rather than the couchpotato who reads recipe books for fun.

And finally i have saved the best for last.

SATC 2 book.

The film was Meh! but the book is delicious. It is currently selling for £10.00 in ASDA.
I have all 3 of these books now and the third didnt disappoint.
While typing this the light has faded so i will take more shots of the pages tomorrow so you can see just what im talking about. For now below is a little taster.

Thanks for reading and happy happy joy joy's

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Kinsey Michaels said...

oh my gosh I want that sex and the city book! super cute nail varnish too.

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