Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some new additions

Hello readers,

So my Benefit "Justine Case" finally arrived in the post. I got this from a promotion by O2. I signed up for their simplicity sim, then had to top up a min of £15.00 and had to text a code back which was in conjunction with Benefit and voila one free Justine Case. Guess what. They sent me two by mistake. In seperate packages. Hurrah for extra free freebies. I gave one to my good friend Nicola who is an avid Benefit fan. Made both our days.

Fragrance Direct came to work today aswell.

And i had to have a little something.
The good thing is with this company is that they dont debit your bank account till payday.

I decided on a couple of new scents, One of which i have been dying to try.
Valentino Rock and Dreams.
My good friend at work wears it and she always smells amazing.

The other is Marc Jacobs Lola. To be honest i really really wanted the free leather purse that came with. Fickle i know.
I also bought a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love this also but ive never had a bottle of it.

They were also giving away samples of Prada L'eau Amber. A very grown up scent. Not sure if im keen on it.
I managed to get 4 so if anyone wants one of these the 1st 4 people to inbox me their details @ i will post them out is a jiffy bag for you.

Thanks for reading lovelies.
Take Care.

Here's what i swagged below:

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stevewckrt said...

Thanks for posting this.
Perfumes are an integral part of a person's whole life.Perfumes are a key to what is exactly going on inside a man, what he/she is feeling and its emotional status. On the other hand it helps in changing the mood of a person.

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