Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Goodbye InStyle :(

Hello lovelies,
*added in extra - go read this blog here - this post to be exact!

After adding the new make up desk into my dressing room i had to move a couple of other pieces and it came to light that i just had to do something about my collection of InStyle magazines.

When i moved in with husband in June 2008 i thought i would start a fresh with my collection and left at my parent's house (where i had been living for the past 3 years since 2005) my collection from mid 2005 - May 2008.
My poppa bear has since told me that the ones i left there "went to live on a farm" sniff :(

Before my move in 2005 I had previously been collecting since 2000 but i had to leave that huge 5 years worth pile at the house where i lived before moving back home with my parents. Im not going to go into why i left that house as it a very private/sad matter but i will say that the only regret i have is not taking my magazine collections with me.

Red, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour (every issue from the 1st one!) and Happy (no longer published) I had a huge stack of each. It makes me sad to think of what became of them. I dont think they went to live on a farm!

Anyway, i now have the decision of what to do with the InStyle. They are extemely heavy and when stacked on top of each other like below they get crushed. I havent got a spot for them im the flat that wont spoil them by crushing them or crush the place that i stack them on i.e a shelf.

If you look at the picture closely you can see Feb 2011 is missing - i know its in the flat somewhere - i just havent found it yet. I think its with my love letters as i was taking pictures of valentine articles for ideas back in Feb.

So yesterday i decided that i would either store them in a plastic box container in the scary cupboard (for scary see *full of spiders where the electric mains live) or pass them onto friends at work. To do that i would have to lug them into work. Maybe a couple at a time. Would my work friends really want to read a mag up to 3 years out of date?
 To me though they are my treasure. I have never missed an issue of this mag since i started collecting in 2000.

After reading through them all yesterday this is what i will have left.

Im a cutter - outerer!

I collect pictures and stick them into notebooks to inspire me.
I have one for outdoor shots of places and beaches, one for wish lists of things i want to buy and one that i use to inspire me to try and stay strong and not over-eat - i call that one my "stylish thinspiration".
So what to do? Pass them on?
Keep them stored away i the hope i may read them again if they dont get damaged in the scary cupboard?
Any ideas?

Thanks for reading
Take Care


Cupcake Couture said...

Hahaha, that's awesome!! I'm glad someone else is doing the same. :) It really helps if you're clueless what to wear. I hope you enjoy doing it as much as me, and thanks for linking to me! <3

Maddalena said...


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