Thursday, 28 April 2011

I so did shop!

Hello lovelies,

Wow another gorgeous day. Im really loving being off work and getting to enjoy the weather.

I went to town and shopped today - payday thrills.
I wont waffle on much as im really tired and you all want to get to the pictures just like i do.
Oh and ive made an appointment for a consultation @ Transform Medical Group. Im not going to give too much away but i will say that its a huge step for me and will mean major surgery.
I will keep you posted after my appointment next weds.

Ok so before the goodies here is Miss Phoebe kittensworth pretending to be asleep when we can quiet clearly see that she isnt:
I love how her little buddah belly sticks out on the top pic. Before i got her she was a huge pudding of a cat but with a careful diet she is now looking so much more healthier. I love my puddy tat.

I have another trip planned for Saturday with the lovely Nicola and we are off to check out the new Primark in Bury. Im sure i will have lots more to show you by saturday.
So i hope we all enjoy the rest of the lovely weekend to come, and if you are going to watch the Royal Nuptuals hurrah!

Thanks for reading

Take Care

£6.00 small little stall in the shopping centre
£3.50 from scope charity shop - the brand is "Take me with you" and is 100% leather - i have a couple of bags from this brand now - its really soft and buttery leather

J'Adore this - £8.00 from Accessories. i have been lusting after this for a while so i thought i would treat myself  :)

This bag looks way more expensive that it was. It was £15.00 from an independant trader who was closing their shop down . It could easily pass as a Marc Jacobs (if i was walking really fast and the admirer was squinting haha)

Ive been after a straw trilby for ages and Primark didnt fail to deliver this beauty £3.00

I was also going to buy this at full price last payday and im glad i waited as i got it today for £4.00 from Primark - hurrah for waiting till its reduced

Ive had this before but lost it so i gots me another £2.00 primark  ~ they also have it in pink which i already have

The lable says it all. Its very Chan liu

How could i leave it for £1.50 - its was begging me to buy it

Primark Pretty £4.00

This was £30.00 so it better work -i may post before and after but im not confident about that


I Live For It said...

We are so happy to have just stumbled upon your blog! It is so fantastic! Loving what all you cover.

We are following you now! Hope you'll come visit us! :)

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Marie said...

What a cute travel bag.:D

***** Marie *****

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