Saturday, 23 April 2011


Hello lovelies.

I have been working hard this week - would love to be able to share what i do for a living but sadly i can't sorry. I work in Government and it has a serious side to it.
Rest assured it was brain taxing so i am fully deserving of THE NEXT 12 DAYS OFF!
Trumpets and fanfare ~ hurrah which clever girl booked 3 days off and got 12 for the same price. Moi!
Due to the impending Royal Wedding there has come about a very lucky run of days - ive booked 26th - 28th off and finished work on 21st April right up to the 3rd May.

Well just as i thought the weather was getting decent it starts to rain. Typical - last week it was sunny and now im on holiday the rain comes out.
To pass the time till the next ray of sunshine i have been painting everything i can get my hands on.
Just before the rain started last night i closed my windows and outside i saw that someone had left a dinky little cupboard with the refuse. It must have been placed there within the last hour of me looking out the window as it wasnt there at about 5pm.

Anyway i digress.
Long story short i rescued a cupboard, painted it white and voila!
New make up storage cupboard display.

I have another couple of projects lined up and will show you as soon as they are finished.
Now im off for a cuppa tea and a snuggly from husband.
Thanks for reading.

Take Care


Maddalena said...


this free bird said...

terrific job with your cupboard...very pretty! i'm on countdown to the royal wedding. considering taking the day off to glue to the tv. i'm canadian. i can't wait!


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