Tuesday, 17 August 2010

DKNY...A little love affair

Hello lovelies,

My 2 ebay items arrived today and im glad to say they are very nice. They were both sold together for the bargain price of £3.20 plus postage.
While i was photographing them i though "meh why not take pictures of all my DKNY bags and do a collection post"
So here they all are:

The ones that got away.....
The 2 bags below were sold on ebay.
 The 1st one was lovely but didnt hold very much inside it and i never got to use it so i let it go.

The second one is a picture i "borrowed" from ebay as i never took a picture of the one i had. Mine was brown. I sold it because again i never used it.

I love a touch of DKNY to my day. Whats your fave bag designer/brand?
Thanks for reading and take care.


*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Amazing bargains sweetheart! Cant believe you managed to nab the purse & bag for £3.20! Wowsers thats amazing!
Great collection of bags hun!
I own a black patent dkny long purse & absolutely love it! :)

inge luciana said...

how lucky u are!!!
amazing price.. its very VERY cheapp!!!

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