Monday, 9 August 2010

Positivity is the key.

Back to work...

Hello lovelies,
Im planning on going back to work this week after being off for 8 weeks.
Im not going to dwell on the reasons why ive been off other than to say im still not "fixed" or better but im getting there.

Im still low but its time i started thinking more positive.
On that note i bring you the fabulousness that is Flickr.

I have made a few galleries while i have been on and i can tell you that looking at pictures and seeing other peoples creativity has made me realise that i need to enjoy life more than ever.
Some of the work people have displayed on here is amazing. A real inspiration for me.

Ive started my own page with the pictures i have taken. If you want to look at mine then check out Jupiterjones1 on the site.

However, hubby and i went for a walk in the local park for some fresh air and to see what pictures i could take and my Little Sony Cybershot (who has served me well for 2 years) just doesnt have the zoom and power i want/need.
Therefore im giving serious thought to buying this little baba:
The link is an excerpt from a blog. It doesnt go on UK sale/release till 16th August which just happens to be the day after payday.

Im also going to be enrolling in a nightclass for Creative Hairdressing - Introduction: at my local community centre and the course is due to start on 28th Sept. Its only costing £48.00 for an 8 week course but i believe it will be a good start for me to get some experience in cutting hair.

My 2 main passions at the moment are taking pictures and thinking about becoming a hairdresser.
So with all this in mind today despite it being a rainy Monday afternoon i cant help but feel positive for the future im shaping for myself.

Thanks lovelies


Halle Anderson said...

I really enjoy your blog! Come visit me at

bewildered.angel said...

Heya Hunni,
♥ Just catching up on sum of ur old blog posts.

♥ I am glad to see your feeling a little better.
Just please make sure u don't rush urself. As sometimes its easy to panic about wot other people think, and u may feel a little bit pressured to get better fast. But wot u need to remember is that lyk with physical wounds(for example) .. everyone heals differently. Some people are fast healers... & some people need a little longer to heal. Either way What matters at the end of the day is the end result, not how long it takes.
So just take a deep breathe and take one day at a time..

♥ I think that taking the hairdressing course is a brilliant idea. U already seem very interested ( or shud i say addicted)in both fashion and makeup.. so i think hair is the next level. I Wonder if u will be doing hair tutorial next on ur youtube channel :)
I, Myself was going to take a teaching assistant course, but didn't manager to get my placement sorted in time, but to be honest i am not too down about it as i dont think i was 100% ready this year as i am still a recovering from my nan passing away.

♥ Can't wait for the rest of ur upcoming blog sales... as i get paid this week and i fink i will be investing in ur goodies.. i wanna become their new mummy as u say lol.. ur funny :)

Take Care,
Roxanne (bewilderedangel from youtube) xxxxxxxx

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