Monday, 2 August 2010

Instyle Magazine Sept 2010 issue giveaway

This months Instyle Magazine comes with a Bodyshop lip product Giveaway.

Instyle are giving away a lip and Cheek stain in 2 colours.
They are 8ml and i think this is a fullsize product. To buy the item retail in The Bodyshop they are £8.00 each.
There is Bronze Glimmer and Rose Pink.
I chose rose pink.

The product is thin in consistency, kind of like jelly before it has set.

Here is a picture with just 1 coat of stain:
And here is a picture with gloss applied over 1 coat  (H&M Strawberry and Mint):

If you wanted a more deeper colour then just wait till each application has dried and apply more.
I applied it over an hour ago and have been drinking Diet Coke and it looks like i only just applied it, wow staying power.
Ive never used lip stains before. Im going to give this a whirl because A it was free and B i think my pout looks delish.
Thanks for reading.

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