Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday Monday: impromtu shopping

Hello lovelies,

I was due to have my 1st counselling session this afternoon in town but due to personal circumstances of the counsellor he had to cancel. This turned into an impromtu shopping trip for me. I was very frugal and only purchased 3 items (ive lost my shopping mojo i tell you!).
H&M have some really nice summery items in at the moment.
Here is what i picked up:
£1.50 H&M Pear scented

£1.99 H&M


 I also walked through Debenhams on my way and had a spray of the Benefit "Rita" perfume. I sprayed it on a card and have put this in my undewear drawer. The scent very fruity and musky at the same time. Im not sure about it yet.....

I nipped into Morrison's on my way to the bus-stop and picked up a super duper large salad for my dinner/tea. Nommy nommy nom.
Overall apart from the cancelled meeting, Monday wasnt quiet that bad.
Hope you all had a happy Monday.

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