Sunday, 15 August 2010

New camera and a little bit of shopping

So i finally got an SLR camera after coveting them for ages....
I picked up a Pentex K-m from a local Trade Exchange shop in Town, I can't take a picture of it as my other camera is at my sisters as she is borrowing it so ive added a link to show what it looks like here
The camera retails anything between £350 - £400 online as new.
I paid just over £200 which im very happy about.
I took it to my local park today and had a little go of it. Its difficult to figure out how to understand the settings so for now ive got it set on autopicture till i learn how to use the blimmin thing

Here are some pictures to show you the quality and what it can actually do:
A rose is still as sweet...

I did a little bit of shopping on Friday before i had to attend a group meeting for depression as part of my ongoing therapy.
Here is what i picked up (just a lil' haul)

£2.00 Primark
£2.00 Primark
£7.00 Primark
size 5 £4.00 Primark
I bid on 4 or 5 items on eBay to give to my sister to cheer her up.Here is what i won: PLEASE NOTE THESE PICTURES ARE SAVED DIRECT FROM EBAY AND NOT TAKEN WITH ME CAMERA
won for £0.99

won for 99p

won for £.3.20 she loves the colour pink

won for £1.60

brand new Nike won for £11.40 bargain sadly size 4 so my sister pinched them from me
After walking in the park today i had ti pick up dinner and found this nifty little box in  B&M Stores for £1.99.
And here is where the box now lives.....

i also got this geisha money box from B&M Store for £1.99 a few week back


Fashion-rocks said...

great photography. I love your hat from Primark, it's cute.

Lauren said...

That pink DKNY bagf is absolutly gorgeous shall have to look out for one of them on ebay :)

Aimee. said...

that pink dkny bag... was a bargain... =) xx

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