Saturday, 21 August 2010

Storage V's Space

Hello lovelies,

I finally got rid of the big chunky clunky wooden wardrobe that was here before i moved in. Phew!!!!
It's been passed on to a good home so ive done my bit for recycling.
However, this left me with a dilema.
I now have more space but less storage room. The only wardrobe i have now is a canvas one which is adequate for my clothes (cos to be honest im "off" clothes at the moment).

Apart from clothes, I used to kept lots of bags, belts and other items in it which now have no home.
So what to do??

Im thinking of doing a BLOG SALE to pass on all the items that have just been sitting in the wardrobe unloved and needing new "mummys". Its going to take me a few days to take all the photographs and write all the descriptions but i will do it before next weekend.

Ive just been discussing the colour of the room with hubby too and flat matt blue is nice but i want it fresh and bright.
After painting the hallway and bathroom brilliant white i still have half of a 10 litre tub left over.  So come Bank Holiday weekend me and Aaron will be shifting all my stuff out of there and giving it a "paintover".
Here is what it looks like this afternoon.

I swear this room has had at least 10 changes while i have been living here the past two and a half years.
So once i have painted the room and got all my stuff back in i will do a "before and after" post.

Another little aside:
My Cobra CMC 80mm - 200mm zoom lens came for my new camera and its amazing. I haven't had chance to go out and use it yet but i may venture out tomorrow to have a play with it. For those of you that are not familiar with SLR terminology (like i know what im papping on about?) its equivalent of a 20 - 25 x optical zoom. Which roughly translates as "it gets right up close and personal".
Here is the delicious little baby:
Thanks for reading and take care.


Aimee. said...

hey omg u have some stunning shoes and bags from what i can see hun, yeh do a blog sale!! And please make sure u send me a message to let me know =) and have u decided what kinds of payments u will be taking as I dont have pay pal... or are u going to be doin stricktly pay pal...xx

Aimee. said...

aww kool thanks =) postal order wud prob b better cuz arnt they doin away with cheques? and then u can get the money str8 from post office =) so easier for you. its a really pastely peach gorgeous pink and chunky and seems quite well made to be honest =) 2pounds !! =) glad ive got ur shoppin mojo back haha =) some other gorgeous flowery pastely lacey kinda bangles too but didnt get them in the end ... even tho i think i shud have =)

Lisa said...

haha £2.00.
I made a vid the other day and said primark should be renamed to the £2.00 shop cos everything is 2 quid.
Yeah no worries on the postal order front,
I should be uploading some pics today and starting it off at some point this afternoon. Im going to poss have to do 2 or 3 blog sales ive got so much random stuff.
Will inbox you when im uploading. Fanks lovelie

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